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Bhakti Yoga Society

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

We wrapped up BYS for the term this Friday. Our last session was a cooking demo (the previous week we presented vegetarianism). For lunch I prepared Butter Paneer (a very opulent and wonderfully tasty preparation) served with basmati rice with pineapple and peppers, garden salad with a roast sunflower seed dressing, carob cake and berry&whey drink. I showed the students how to make the curd cheese that they were having in their meal. It was such a nice session, only about 6 students came as many are writing tests and studying now, but the mood was very relaxed and open. Everyone participated, eagerly discussing the Vedic culture and teachings as we waited for the milk to boil. They loved the fact that the drink we were having was made from the whey from the curd and that it has such a high protein content as well as being very refreshing. When the process was complete, I mentioned that we chant certain mantras to sanctify the foodstuff before tatsting it and then proceeded to chanting the mantras audibly in their presence. This led to another whole discussion on mantras and specifically some questions about the meaning of Krsna, Rama and Hare and also about the selfless act of preparing food with the proper consciousness as an offering to the Supreme Person. All in all a very enlivening session. Everyone was happy and enthusiastic and eager to return again later in April.

Bhati Yoga Society – Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

We concluded BYS for 2006 last Friday. Here are some of the students – not everyone could make it due to exams, but these sweet souls always find a way. I really admire their dedication.
About 4 students are chanting regularly on their beads. Some visit the festivals at our centre and help with projects like Food For Life.

This group of students is so enthusiastic – they relish chanting and meditation. We’ve also been deepening our relationships by sharing on a very personal level how the practice of Bhakti Yoga is helping us all to transform our hearts. I think we’re all looking forward to next year’s program.

Bhakti Yoga Society – Stellenbosch University

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Mayapur Candra das and Suvarna Manjari dasi facilitate this program every Monday. The students also requested an additional program which is being held on Thursday evenings, but still they’re hankering for more… This week Joan gave an introduction to Ayurveda.

Nicholas and Anina bought a small Caitanya Caritamrita set.