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Sri Caitanya Caritamrita

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

adi-lila 16:1

krpa-sudha-sarid yasya, visvam aplavayanty api, nica-gaiva sada bhati, tam caitanya-prabhum bhaje

I worship Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, whose nectarean mercy flows like a great river, inundating the entire universe. Just as a river flows downstream, Lord Caitanya especially extends Himself to the fallen.

The Voice of the Awakened Soul

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

The awakened soul says in effect to the mind and body: “I am not identical with you. I do not want what you require. I have so long believed that I was identical with yourselves and that our interests were the same, but I now find that I am really and categorically different from you. I am made wholly of the principle of self consciousness, while both of you are made of dead matter. Being matter you can act and be acted upon by matter, under the laws of nature. Nature makes and unmakes you, but she has no power over me. I am not benefited by your growth or harmed by your decay. You grow and decay by the laws that govern your relationships with this physical universe. Falsely identifying myself with you, I find myself compelled to suffer pain and pleasure due to the physical vicissitudes and problems that overtake you. I find myself unnaturally yoked to your functions such as eating, drinking, producing thought etc etc and am forced to believe them to be my own functions by which I am benefited. I shall have, of course, to stay with you as long as it is intended by providence that I should suffer the consequence of this unnatural alliance with you. But I shall, from this time, do nothing to please you. I shall permit you to do only what I consider to be necessary for my well-being; that is getting back into my natural position of free conscious existence, unhampered by the unnatural domination by longing for material enjoyment. I refuse to be anymore a slave to the sensuous inclinations of the mind and body.”

by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Gosvami Maharaja

The conditional changes of the living entitiy

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

(from Lord Caitanya’s instructions to Srila Rupa Gosvami)

“The living entities all over the universes are enjoying the effects of the respective fruitive results of their own work, life after life. Out of all of them, some may be influenced by the association of pure devotees and thus get the chance to execute devotional service by attainment of taste. This taste is the seed of devotional service, and one who is fortunate enough to have received such a seed is advised to sow it in the core of his heart. As one cultivates a seed by pouring water to fructify it, the seed of devotional service sown in the heart of a devotee may be cultured by pouring water in the form of hearing and chanting of the holy name and pastimes of the Lord. The creeper of devotional service, so nourished, gradually grows, and the devotee, acting as a gardener, goes on pouring the water of constant hearing and chanting. The creeper of devotional service gradually grows so high that it passes through the entire material universe and enters into the spiritual sky, growing still higher and higher untill it reaches the planet Goloka Vrndavan. The devotee gardener is in touch with the abode of the Lord even from the material plane by dint of performing devotional service to the Lord simply by hearing and chanting. As a creeper takes shelter of another, stronger tree, similarly the creeper of devotional service, nourished by the devotee, takes shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord and thus becomes fixed. When the creeper is fixed, then the fruit of the creeper comes into existence, and the gardener who nourished it is able to enjoy this fruit of love, and his life becomes successful.”

Bhagavatam bliss

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

exceptional morning class today. Kobus prabhu is most certainly a genius. I wish I knew how to post lectures on this blog. one day…

so here it is… the secret to happiness in Krsna Consciousness: 1.Chanting attentively – as attentively as humanly possible – just keep dragging that mind back to where it belongs and don’t surrender to sleep. Finnish prescribed rounds before 7am. It works and this is realized knowledge. 2.Sharing KC with others – this becomes much easier if one sticks to point number 1.


Don’t forget this again Lilamayi!


Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Srimad Bhagavatam 10:3:7-8

mumucur munayor devah
sumanamsi mudanvitah
mandam mandam jalardhara
jagarjur anusargaram
nisithe tama udbhute
jayamane janardane
devakyam deva-rupinyam
visnuh sarva-guha-sayah
avirasid yatha pracyam
disindur iva puskalah

The demigods and great saintly persons showered flowers in a joyous mood, and clouds gathered in the sky and very mildly thundered, making sounds like those of the ocean’s waves. Then the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, who is situated in the core of everyone’s heart, appeared from the heart of Devaki in the dense darkness of night, like the full moon rising on the eastern horizon, because Devaki was of the same category as Sri Krishna.

Adhidaivika klesa

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Srimad Bhagavatam 5:14:25


Being unable to protect himself from the threefold miseries of material existence, the conditioned soul becomes very morose and lives a life of lamentation. These threefold miseries are miseries suffered by mental calamity at the hands of the demigods [such as freezing wind and scorching heat], miseries offered by other living entities, and miseries arising from the mind and body themselves.


The so-called happy materialistic person is constantly having to endure the threefold miseries of life, called adhidaivika, adhyātmika and adhibhautika. Actually no one can counteract these threefold miseries. All three may assail one at one time, or one misery may be absent and the other present. Thus the living entity is full of anxiety, fearing misery from one side or the other. The conditioned soul must be disturbed by at least one of these three miseries. There is no escape.

Storms are raging in Port Elizabeth. Roads are flooded, school has been cancelled, some businesses are closed, trees are being ripped from the earth, manhole covers in the roads are being pushed up by masses of water and in the suburb where I stay the electricity is down. I’m taking advantage of the last bit of battery power of the laptop to write this entry. I am relying on fire for heat and candles for light and I am cooking potatoes in the fireplace. (also had some dahl from Krishna Bahmini and Toshan Krishna – they had electricity today), at least I’m warm and dry. Extreme wind and rain have devastated homes in the townships, this is where the suffering is at its worst. Many people have been in car accidents due to wet roads and no traffic lights. As I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, I am not sure of the exact extent of the damage yet.

Just the other day I was thinking how mild PE winters are.