The Voice of the Awakened Soul

The awakened soul says in effect to the mind and body: “I am not identical with you. I do not want what you require. I have so long believed that I was identical with yourselves and that our interests were the same, but I now find that I am really and categorically different from you. I am made wholly of the principle of self consciousness, while both of you are made of dead matter. Being matter you can act and be acted upon by matter, under the laws of nature. Nature makes and unmakes you, but she has no power over me. I am not benefited by your growth or harmed by your decay. You grow and decay by the laws that govern your relationships with this physical universe. Falsely identifying myself with you, I find myself compelled to suffer pain and pleasure due to the physical vicissitudes and problems that overtake you. I find myself unnaturally yoked to your functions such as eating, drinking, producing thought etc etc and am forced to believe them to be my own functions by which I am benefited. I shall have, of course, to stay with you as long as it is intended by providence that I should suffer the consequence of this unnatural alliance with you. But I shall, from this time, do nothing to please you. I shall permit you to do only what I consider to be necessary for my well-being; that is getting back into my natural position of free conscious existence, unhampered by the unnatural domination by longing for material enjoyment. I refuse to be anymore a slave to the sensuous inclinations of the mind and body.”

by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Gosvami Maharaja

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