Govardhana Puja in Cape Town

Nitai and Tamalini assembled Govardhana Hill this year.  They had a brilliant plan to roll the halava into balls and dip them into carob. 

We made flowers, birds, trees, butterflies, parikrama footprints and pretty lotus kunds (thanks to Sharmila) to decorate the Hill. 

Suvarna Manjari made a giant hariball Govardhana Sila and I got to make Srimati Radharani.  The carob wouldn’t melt properly to coat Her in carob so I had to use gold dust instead (how appropriate). 

The festival was very enlivening.  Everyone was in a blissful mood.  Matthew’s T-shirt sums it up:

I love this picture of Suvarna Manjari… She is so bright – like a star.  She always brings more life to the party.

Three years ago on Govardhana Puja day Ivan was born – little Goavrdhana monkey.  He bounced around in the tree throughout most of the program.

The last big festival with my very dear friends for quite some time.  Soon I’ll be off to New Zealand… a new chapter in the Hare Krishna adventure.  I’ll keep you posted.

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