New Zealand

Finally, after being here for more than a month, I’ve managed to set up a way to get blogging again.  Syam Gauri’s encouragement to keep going helped speed things up a little. 

Anyway, here I am… at the beautiful home of beautiful Sri Sri Radha-Giridhari – New Varshan dhama in New Zealand… what great fortune.  My realization – wherever you may go, you’ll always find a home amongst the devotees of Sri Krsna, you’ll always find shelter at His lotus feet.  Another realization – no distance can separate you from the devotees of Sri Krsna, sankirtan connects us eternally.  Suvarna Manjari is singing and dancing, calling out to Krsna somewhere and I am singing and dancing, calling out to Krsna here, and somehow this connects us very deeply, very tangibly.  We can still share our realizations, our blissful experiences and our hearts, and still fully relate to each other, because we’re tasting the same nectar.

Much has happened, and I probably won’t be able to share it all, but I’ll try to post some pictures and more news very soon…

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