Sadhu-Sanga Retreat 2007/2008

What can I say… I was blown away by this experience – over 80 inspired and enthused devotees gathered in the mountains of Otaki for 10 days of pure unadulterated Krishna Conscious association.  Headed by HH Devamrita Swami and accompanied by HG Bada-Hari prabhu and his wife HG Kosa Rupa prabhu, our days were filled with  endless Krishna katha, thought provoking presentations and ever-fresh ecstatic kirtans.  Oh, and lots of fresh air, beautiful surroundings and time to rest and recover for the dedicated sankirtan devotees after an intense marathon.   My repeated respects to all these personalities – I have never before encountered such a team – HH Devamrita Maharaja is expert in extracting the best – just like a swan can extract milk from water, he finds the right personalities and draws out the best in them.  Of course the surrender has to be there.

Unavoidable old age… we were urged to meditate on the realities of life in the material world

Yasomati devi dasi

About 16 devotees took initiation vows.  Syam Gauri dd is now a brahmin.

The cooks were very accomodating…

catering for all tastes and requirements

HG Urmila prabhu joined us for the second part of the retreat – Devamrita Maharaja and Bada-Hari prabhu stayed at Riverslea with the rest of the men, and Urmila and Kosa Rupa prabhus shared their wisdom and realization with the women at Waihonga.  The association of these great souls brought about a significant transformation for me and I am sure for many others. 

more realities… there really is a dramatic difference between women and men

A long awaited reunion with my mrdanga guru Caroline… and of course finally meeting the vibrant Syam Gauri.

Down by the riverside

Gaura Haven… the fruits of the labor of the Gaura Yoga devotees – their very own retreat center.

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